We make work fun by taking on your workload and having your back!

Let’s Accelerate & Transform Your Business Together

A team of result-oriented, seasoned professionals with 15+ years of experience, who have a knack for finding ways to resolve even the stickiest situations, Fourfold global is multi-pronged, strategised solutions enable accounting firms to concentrate on their core competencies, and most importantly, the growth of their business.

We provide a wide array of offshore back-office services, namely pertaining to accounting, taxation and outsourced SMSF Compliance CA’s, CPA’s, bookkeepers, tax practitioners and financial advisors.

All services are delivered through outsourced processing office in Ahmedabad, India. With our robust infrastructure, commitment to efficacy, a cost-effective model and a slew of prominent accounting firms & financial service providers across Australia with whom we have developed a wonderful working relationship over the years and are always willing to vouch for the value we’ve brought in the long-term, you can rely on us to provide you with service that is nothing short of stellar.

Why Should Australian Accountants Work with Fourfold Global?

A team of well-qualified accounting professionals can go a long way in terms on helping you establish a solid foundational framework which establishes your efficacy, and providing you with the adaptability to scale and manage your business with accordance to workload and demand. All in all, come what may, your firm will always remain in the green.

Improved Efficiency & Performance

Availability of Experts & Full Time Assistance

Lower Costs with Uncompromised Quality

Easy Scalability with Latest Technologies

Skilled Pool of Resources & Flexible Approach

Maintaning Optimum Data Security Measures


To provide exponential value and creating fruitful, long term relationships: We pride ourselves on providing the kind of services which have made a considerable difference in the way our clients operate, bringing greater efficiency and unparalleled operational cost savings to the fold.

To grow by aligning our aspirations with those of our clientele: When we work with our clients, we do not view ourselves merely as service providers, but as partners in growth. We grow if you grow, hence going above and beyond for you to scale the heights is paramount to us.


Redefine what is possible: We are not happy with just doing the job and intend to be active agents in the growth of your accounting firm. Through our novel processes, we aim to create greater scope, and open up pathways which enable them to explore exciting opportunities in the long-term.