Data Security

We are fully committed to protecting our customers’ data. We can safely say that since we began serving our accounting firms and other international clients, we have never had a single instance of a data compromise or leak.

At Fourfold Global, we recognise the importance and sensitivity of shared financial data and treat this information with absolute confidentiality. We have safeguards in place to ensure that your confidential information and privacy are respected. Our latest and most modern infrastructure in terms of hardware and technology provides a sense of security to our international customers on all continents.

  • Confidentiality agreement: We endeavour to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all our clients to ensure that our honesty in information security is documented.
  • Access to the office network: We maintain a secure login for our employees to access the network to enhance data security.
  • Access to workstations: Access to workstations (with limited administrative rights) is only granted to relevant staff. All workstations are equipped with a licensed firewall and virus protection system, which reduces the risk of data compromise.
  • USB sticks are not accessible to any staff.
  • Security of data servers: We use secure servers located in web farms worldwide to store information. Data transfer (if required) is generally encrypted to minimise the risk of data compromise. Access to server files is limited to authorised personnel.
  • Data backup and recovery plans are in place.
  • Staff integrity: Staff integrity is measured and assessed during the recruitment process and regularly reviewed while staff are in a post; confidentiality agreements are signed with the team on recruitment.
  • If necessary, we are flexible and open to signing confidentiality agreements directly with the team working on the job in question.
  • Fire protection and alarm system consisting of smoke and heat detectors, sensors. A fire extinguishing system has also been installed.