Business trip to Brisbane and Gold Coast

Transform Your Business with Outsourcing: Stuart Bidwell in Brisbane and Gold Coast!

Is your accounting practice struggling to keep pace with your clients’ fast-paced demands?

Are you facing challenges such as a shortage of skilled professionals, talent retention, regulatory changes, cybersecurity, or keeping up with new technology and tools?

If yes, we have some exciting news for you! Our director, Stuart Bidwell is coming to Brisbane and Gold Coast to address the challenges faced by accounting practices just like yours. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert in the industry.

Having worked in bookkeeping and accounting since 2003, Stuart Bidwell comprehends the obstacles that come with operating an accounting practice. He has undergone the frustration of outsourcing work to other companies, witnessing inadequate communication, irregular staffing, and poor quality of work.

That’s why Stuart established Fourfold Australia as a collaboration with Fourfold Global in India. He was impressed by the reliable staffing and excellent work quality and wanted to offer the same level of service to Australian accountants.

Stuart will share his outsourcing dos and don’ts with accountants in Brisbane (May 29-31) and Gold Coast (June 1-2), providing useful insights to overcome outsourcing challenges.

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