SMSF Compliance & SMSF Audit Support Outsourcing Services

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Owing to our exemplary work as a self-managed super fund outsourcing (SMSF) service over the years, we understand how paramount SMSFs can be for people in the latter half of their lives. Everyone deserves a secure, fun-filled life after years of hardwork, don’t they? Through our innovative, people-centric SMSF outsourcing services, we provide CAs, CPAs and Fund Advisors a viable avenue which enables them to outsource tedious SMSF Compliance work for their customers. Our seasoned team of dedicated professionals and streamlined processes not only significantly increase overall efficacy, but also help in saving up on operating cost, allowing firms to avoid opportunity costs one incurs by not being able to focus on revenue-generating activities.

We work on a variety of SMSF Compliance software, including BGL, SuperMate and ClassSuper, which means that the transition if you choose to work with us will be essentially seamless. With a fine-tuned review system and stringent security protocols in place, you can feel at ease as soon as you outsource your SMSF Compliance to us.

SMSF Compliance Outsourcing and SMSF Audit Support Outsourcing

Our SMSF services include

  • Creating a new fund in the software
  • Process and reconcile superfund’s bank transactions.
  • Matching earnings and investments, as well as finalising superfund accounts
  • Generating annual financial statements along with member statements and annual tax return.
  • Preparation of customized report packages typical to the client’s requirements
  • Assist with continuous email and call support, whenever required.

“An experienced SMSF accounting expert with sound knowledge of year end compliance and will be assigned to work with your onshore team to deliver timely results.”

SMSF Compliance & SMSF Audit Support Outsourcing - FAQs

1What is SMSF compliance outsourcing service?
SMSF compliance outsourcing refers to the practice of engaging an external service provider to handle various compliance-related tasks for your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), such as SMSF setup, audit support, and regulatory compliance, in order to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
2Why would I consider outsourcing SMSF compliance services?
Outsourcing SMSF compliance services can provide several advantages, including accessing specialized expertise, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, mitigating compliance risks, and enabling SMSF trustees to focus on strategic decision-making and managing their SMSF effectively.
3What services can be outsourced for SMSF compliance?
Services that can be outsourced for SMSF compliance include financial reporting, tax return preparation, audit support, compliance monitoring, and other administrative tasks related to SMSF compliance and reporting.
4How do I select a reputable SMSF compliance services provider?

Selecting a reputable SMSF compliance services provider involves conducting thorough research, checking their credentials, experience, and expertise, reviewing client testimonials and references, verifying their compliance with relevant laws and regulations, assessing their data security measures, and evaluating their pricing and service offerings.

5How can I ensure data security when outsourcing SMSF compliance services?
Sure! If you are outsourcing SMSF compliance services to us, you can rest assured that we take the security of your SMSF data seriously. We have extensive data security measures in place, including encryption, access controls, data backup, and disaster recovery plans. We also sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements with our clients to ensure the confidentiality and protection of their SMSF data. Our team regularly reviews and updates our security measures to ensure they are effective against emerging threats and vulnerabilities. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of security and protection for your SMSF data.
6What are the risks of outsourcing SMSF compliance services?
There are some risks associated with outsourcing, these can be mitigated through careful selection of a reputable provider and maintaining ongoing oversight of the outsourcing arrangement. At our SMSF compliance outsourcing service, we work with you to ensure a smooth and successful outsourcing experience, allowing you to reap the benefits of outsourcing without compromising on compliance or data security.
7How can I ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations when outsourcing SMSF compliance services?
To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations when outsourcing SMSF compliance services, it's essential to select a provider with a solid understanding of SMSF regulations, conduct regular audits and reviews of their compliance processes, maintain open communication, and establish clear expectations and reporting requirements.
8What should I consider when evaluating SMSF compliance services providers?
When evaluating SMSF compliance services providers, consider factors such as their expertise, experience, credentials, data security measures, pricing, service offerings, client testimonials, references, and their ability to meet your specific compliance needs and requirements.
9How can I transition my SMSF compliance services to an outsourcing provider smoothly?
To transition your SMSF compliance services to an outsourcing provider smoothly, ensure clear communication with the provider, establish well-defined expectations and reporting requirements, conduct thorough data transfers securely, conduct regular audits of the provider's performance, and maintain ongoing oversight of the outsourcing arrangement to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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