Accounting Outsourcing & Tax Preparation Services for CA, CPA & Accounting Firms


During peak season, CPA firms find themselves in dire straits as they have to perform accounting finalisation operations for businesses, companies, partnerships, trusts and tradies, and tax preparation services for individuals. It is usually difficult for firms to be prepared in advance, or to forecast such a steep increase in work, meaning that they always end up looking to ramp up their numbers in order handle the workload. This is easier said than done, as doing so first requires one to expend time and resources towards recruitment, and then training.

Fourfold Global provides an assortment of accounting outsourcing and tax preparation outsourcing services for CPA firms, which takes care of the legwork involved in hiring and training personnel. Our experienced tax professionals are adept and precise, and our accounting finalisation and taxation outsourcing services have been structured to provide maximum efficiency while also helping on the pecuniary front by way of savings on operating costs.

Accounting Outsourcing & Tax Preparation Services

Did you know that the majority of financial mishaps occur during the tax preparation and planning season?​

Whether you’re an individual, trust, firm, or a company, you must have robust infrastructure in place to take care of your financial affairs, which is both legal and tax-efficient. Again, this is easier said than done. It is not easy to make sense of all the information out there to devise an appropriate tax preparation and planning strategy. Fourfold Global, with its specialised tax preparation services, simplifies the process and streamlines it so you do not end up paying more than you need to, hence making your wallet feel a lot healthier.

Annual Taxation and Compliances Include

Preparation of IAS (Instalment Activity Statement)

Preparation of workpapers ready for Finalisation

Fuel Tax Credit Calculation

Preparing and maintaining Depreciation Schedules & Asset Registers

Preparation and Lodgement of BAS (Business Activity Statement)

Preparation of TPAR (Industry specific)

Preparation of GST and PAYG Report

Fringe Benefit Tax Returns

Finalisation of Accounts & Preparation of tax returns for all entities

Why should you put your trust in us?

Over the years, we have been a dependable tax preparation outsourcing partner to our Australian clientele hailing from a variety of companies, and a tax preparation service for people to turn to for advice and direction to help them take care of this essential financial obligations. Our seasoned team of Tax Return services staff have the requisite capabilities to plan your tax with accordance to your responsibilities. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the impact of your tax savings on your financial goals, our team determines an optimum tax saving strategy.

All in all, with our accounting finalisation outsourcing and taxation outsourcing services in tow, you are always prepared, no matter the circumstances.