Bookkeeping & BAS Preparation

Bookkeeping is a vital cog to the running of any business, ensuing that records of individual financial transactions are correct and thoroughly accounted for. Not only does it shape how your finances look at the end of the year, it also lays the groundwork for the remaining year’s reporting and filing. Bookkeeping is often seen as a process which does not yield significant gains in the context of accounting. As bookkeeping can largely be a painstakingly time-consuming process for the accountant, they are not able to focus on the specialised tasks they are on board to perform in order to generate revenue, hence affecting said firm’s overall efficacy and consequently, the bottomline.

At Fourfold global, we believe in getting the basics right. Having been at the forefront of bookkeeping outsourcing and BAS outsourcing services for more than 15+ years, we have administered a variety of bookkeeping outsourcing services, assuming a variety of tasks and responsibilities for our clientele. Combined with our knack of optimising fluid workflow, we ensure that your bookkeeping not only remains sorted, but that our bookkeeping services perennially updated, accessible records to you whenever it is you require them.

Our services are streamlined for increased flexibility, taking complete advantage of the opportunities that an increasingly connected world provides by way of the range of cutting-edge software we have at our disposal, allowing for a seamless transition of your bookkeeping operations. Whether you’d prefer us to maintain your books manually, or on a cloud-based platform, we are adept at tailoring our bookkeeping outsourcing services to your needs and have the requisite personnel, consisting of CAs and CPAs who have been in the bookkeeping outsourcing service industry for years.

We also provide BAS outsourcing services, so you can breathe easy by outsourcing your BAS preparation to us. All in all, our back-office bookkeeping and BAS outsourcing services cover the whole gamut so you can focus on business development and most importantly, growth.

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Entering Supplier and Customer invoices
  • Tracking Inventory Items and maintaining the stock register
  • Processing Payroll
  • Reporting
  • Day to Day Bookkeeping
  • Periodic Financial Reporting
  • Inventory tracking and maintaining stock register
  • Software Integration and advise
  • Customized reporting as per business needs